Machina Main Cluster Official Website

Welcome to the cluster

Q : What is [Machina] ?

A : [Machina] is a series where humans become machine-like lifeforms.
     Check the Wiki for lore and Check my Pixiv for art samples.

Q : How to contact to you?

A : Use E-mail
If you my are subscribed to Patreon/FANBOX you can use Discord server & DM me.

Q: How to commission a piece?

A : Copy this document and write your order and send to my Email and discuss about price, etc.

Q : How to Pay for commissions?

A : Using Paypal, I will send Invoice or account info to you

Q : How long do commissions take?

A : Sorry, I’m a slow guy and many Machina need drawing.
      Average 1-2 months needed (maybe more).